I’m All Tied Up at the Moment

I’m All Tied Up at the Moment

I’m All Tied Up at the Moment…79x55x6 inches

This piece is the first I developed during my year long project of creating whatever I wished…as long as it fit in the mixed media textile category. I began by choosing a shape…obviously the boat. I cut squares of cotton sheeting and experimented with folding. I needed to determine the correct size for each one.

Once that was done, I painted the sheeting to give it color and a bit of rigidity. After folding, the boats were painted again, stamped with letters and numbers, grometted, and ultimately waxed, connected and hung. The finished piece is 79 x 55 x 6 inches.

Here is the piece installed at the Capitol Rotunda Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

Who knew…what started as a flotilla of different color skipps sitting on the table in my studio would develop into this? from the studio…

About studio18artist

A contemporary artist using canvas and cloth, paint and thread.

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