A Pair…Felted and Painted

Felted construction and yellow/purple painting

I found these two pieces lived well together.  The top piece is a felted construction, painted, layered and quilted.  The bottom piece is a yellow/purple combo, with very loosely applied textural dots.  I was hoping the two would sell together, but alas, they sold separately.  Each was created on its own, but they truly complimented each other.

I have canvases the same size, so I will try to do another pair, but sometimes the second attempt is a struggle.  I don’t know what the subject matter will be…???   What colors will I use????  It has been hot lately, so maybe my brain is overheated.  I will start thinking again tomorrow....from the studio


  1. The pieces are lovely and how wonderful that they both sold! I think that the proportions as well as the colors worked well together so perhaps you do not need to worry about repeating content but simple use that as a starting point and see where the shapes take you…?

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