T.A.L.E…There’s Always Loose Ends…54×37
I made this quilt, T.A.L.E….There’s Always Loose Ends, to accompany my paintings in the LIMITED VOCABULARY series.  The background is painted and quilted cotton.  The banners hanging along the front of the quilt are constructed of my own hand dyed fabric, old silk kimono pieces and porcupine quills.  The title reflects the loose thread ends that are a result of sewing the quills to the banners.  The banners are separate from the quilt, attached with buttons so that they can be removed and rolled when the quilt is shipped.

I left the irregularities and minor stains in the kimono fabric pieces to juxtapose the old with the newly painted background.  The quilting is quite dense with hints of the Japanese rocky shoreline, waves and volcanoes interspersed throughout the quilt.

This is one of two new quilts in this series…will post the other one soon…from the studio


  1. Really love it, Sue. Especially the purple parts and the bottom which reminds me of piano keys. You’ve gone from an accordion to piano keys! LOL
    Carolyn Little

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