Red Carpet Detail



This is a detail image of a quilt I completed a few weeks ago.  I have submitted it to a jury, so I do not want to show the entire piece until I know its fate…EITHER accepted or rejected.

Even though this shot is a very small piece of a very large quilt, I think you can see the various painting and stitching techniques I used.  The first step was to color-wash the background with the paint.  Certain sections, like the green and red at the bottom of this photo, got layered with several overlapping strokes of paint, a bit thicker in consistency than the wash.  When all this dried, I added the tree trunks and branches using a palette knife and many different colors.  I knew how I was going to quilt the tree trunks, so I was not afraid to apply the paint thickly.  If the paint is too thick, the machine needle will either break or “gum up” as it tries to go through the paint…I planned on quilting around it.

The leaves were painted separately and applied to the quilt when the entire background had been quilted.  In this detail, you only see a few leaves.  In the entire quilt, there are a ton!!  It took me days to make them all…well worth it.  I’m excited to show you the entire quilt…soon…from the studio


  1. Great to see new work and here the happiness in your explanation. Good Luck and can’t wait to see the whole quilt. XO Mimi

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