ALOFT...acrylic on canvas...72X48
ALOFT…acrylic on canvas…72X48

ALOFT is a painting I did a while back to hang above my dining room table.  It’s large…6 X 4 feet… and helps to bring the color I wanted into the dining room from the living room.  It has been my inspiration for the past week.

Our dining table is a heavy wood piece that serves a purpose, seating for four or six, with the leaf added.  I decided it was too dark and proceeded to do a painting on the tabletop.  I sanded and gessoed the top, and painted with my acrylics.   Of course, the color inspiration came from this painting, but the design is bold and graphic.

I’ve spent the past week working at it, first without the extension and then with, completing the design across the top.  I’ve finished the painting and today it got it’s first coat of polyurethane and it looks great.  It’s fun, totally different than the painting, but relates well.  I should have done this a long time ago, but I guess there is always a right time for everything.

I haven’t decided what color to paint the base, but when it’s all done (and the room is back together!), I’ll show you how it came out.

…watching paint dry


  1. Hi Sue, There is nothing like painted furniture and the crazier the colors the better I like it.
    I’m now painting my sculpture crazy colors and loving it.
    My last piece is 80″ high and is yellow, lavender, orange, sky blue and a light pea soup green. Fun, fun, fun!
    working on paintings all winter has had an effect on me.
    The painting is beautiful and ethereal and I’m not surprised you like to look at it.
    Have fun with your table,

    1. Isn’t it fun painting something other than a canvas? Your sculpture colors are the same as the table, but I added red to the mix. The painting on the tabletop started with some elements from a Diebenkorn painting but as I painted, it morphed and exploded into something that’s fun. Maybe there’s a wild color cloud over town! I’ll post a photo of the table soon. Sue

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