So Much New, So Little to Show



It’s been a while, but many things have been consuming my days.  The first was the SAQA conference in Santa Fe a few weeks ago.  What a wonderful experience!  I not only learned a lot about business, met new friends and old, but I got some insight into myself and my quilting….that’s for another post.

The above image is just a tiny section of a quilt I have been working on for weeks in the studio.  It has had many iterations…sort of a struggle to get it where I wanted it…but it finally has arrived!  It is painted, quilted and fringed and I am very happy with the end product.  I plan to enter this piece for jurying, so I don’t want to show the entire piece yet.  I used colors that I don’t often work in, but I think they are quite contemporary…teals, blues, black and white.  The quilt is quite large and begged for every minute of my time in the studio.  I kept planning on” just one more day”, but it took longer and longer.

I am now quilting another piece for the same jury and hope to wind things up on it this weekend.  I’ll post a piece of it when it’s finished and ready to go.

Until next time…from the studio



    1. You will see it in a month or so, either as accepted or rejected. I almost posted the entire piece, but I guess I’m just a bit superstitious…so not like me!

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