It’s Spring!

ETERNAL quilt...41 X 33

ETERNAL SPRING…art quilt…41 X 33


I finished…I think…another quilt in the Texture Series, Lines and Circles.  This quilt is a tribute to the colors of spring…the bright green of the new growth, the purple of the crocus, and the rich black of the “good” dirt.  Underground, the seeds are emerging and sending their shoots to the surface.

As I mentioned, I THINK I am finished.  I love the fringe long and wild, but I might need to clip it some more and tame it a bit.  I’m undecided.  This is when I need to live with a piece for a while, look at it frequently and make a final decision.

I’ve moved on to the next quilt and am enthused.  After working on a piece with a lot of color and energy, I am simplifying and neutralizing the next one.  I’m still painting the fabric, but using a different form of texture.

I hope Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods…from the studio

About studio18artist

A contemporary artist using canvas and cloth, paint and thread.


  1. meta

    Love the colours!

  2. Beautiful and unique. Rlte

  3. Love the ‘outside the square’ construction; the colours look great too =D

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