All Together Now

Wing Quilt...Still Untitled
Wing Quilt…Still Untitled

I finally got the wing appliqued to the quilt.  I hand sewed it along the edges and it is very secure.  I still need to put a hanging sleeve and label on the back…maybe next week!  I need to move on to another project to satisfy my desire to create…I’ve got the urge to do a painting.

Now that you see the two parts together, you can answer the question I posed in my previous post.  Is the nest falling into the flames and the mother bird leaving, or is she trying to fan the flames and protect her young?  I can still see it both ways…therefore, no title yet…still conflicted…from the studio


  1. I wasn’t sure how I felt about those feathers but seeing them in the context for which they were meant, I love them.
    I love the piece!

  2. What a beautiful piece! I think she’s protecting her young….I love the feathers. This may be my new favorite.

    1. Thanks so much. With fire season just around the corner, I wonder what will be protected and what will be abandoned. I guess you don’t know until the moment you have to make the decision. Sue

  3. Sorry, but now that you mentioned it – to me, it looks like she’s leaving them behind…

  4. Fanning flames makes them bigger. Everyone who has a fireplace knows that… 😦

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