A Quilt in Two Parts

A Section of the Bird Wing in Progress
A Section of the Bird Wing in Progress

I  have almost completed the bird wing applique for my new quilt.  This is only a section, as I still need to sew the pieces together, so it needs to remain flat until I do.  It will be applied to the quilt pictured below.  I painted the fabric for the quilt top, sewed on the black borders and quilted the entire piece.  Instead of binding it in a traditional fashion, I used a facing, turned to the back and hand sewn in place.  The quilt measures 48 X 33 inches.

Quilted Nest…48X33…waiting for bird wing

When the bird wing is sewn together, it will be placed along the seam where the two lighter pieces meet, towards the top of the quilt.  The full wing is undulating, so the seam will be totally covered…some of the wing above and some below.  The wing spans the width of the quilt and will drape the left edge.  I am anxious to get it together, but I know sewing of the “feathers” on the wing will take time.

My concept for this quilt is conflict.  When the wing is attached, will the viewer see the bird abandoning her nest because it is falling into the flames, or is she fanning the nest to try to protect it from the fire?  I’ll post the complete quilt when I finish…you can decide…but wait until you see the completed piece…from the studio


  1. I wish there was a ‘love’ button here! This is absolutely wonderful; can’t wait to see how the wing looks when it’s attached. Stunning work =D

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