Studio Tour Quilts Finished and on Display

Studio Quilt #1 Finished…36X22

The Studio Tour Quilts are finished and on display at Lois Duffy Art.  They will be there through Thanksgiving weekend.  The gallery is open on Friday and Saturday from 10-4.  Scroll down for the photos of quilts #2-3.

Each quilt has a label on the back with the signatures of each artist who contributed fabric to the finished piece.  At the gallery, there is a picture of the label next to each quilt, so that if you painted a block, you can see where your block was used.  The blocks were cut and pieced, and some were used in the binding.

Each quilt is mounted on stretcher bars and measures 36 X 22 inches.  The process posts for the quilt will remain on the front page of my blog for another few weeks, and then will be moved to a separate page and the process will be summarized.

Thank you all for participating…enjoy!…from the studio

Studio Quilt #2 Finished…36X22

Studio Quilt #3 Finished…36X22

About studio18artist

A contemporary artist using canvas and cloth, paint and thread.


  1. Reblogged this on The organic artist's Blog and commented:
    Just beautiful!

  2. Some very beautiful work. Thanks for sharing. RLTE

    • You’re welcome! I enjoy sharing what I do. It’s so rewarding to involve other people…in this case, the visitors to my studio during the tour…and complete a project using their contributions. Sue

  3. Stunning work, and beautifully put together! Loved seeing the process, too … =D

  4. This was agreat project idea and-it is really neat to see the results and how you brought the various images together! Beautiful!

  5. Very inspiring, beautiful work.

  6. meta

    lovely colours!

  7. eight moon galleries

    These are amazing.

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