Binding the Studio Quilts


The quilting is done, and now the quilts need to be trimmed to size and the binding needs to be sewn on each quilt.

The above photo shows the binding as it is finished  (on the left edge) and the binding waiting to be sewn on the top edge.  I know the top piece seems quite large to sew along the edge and flip to the back of the quilt, but these quilts will be mounted on stretcher bars, so I need enough fabric to wrap around the edge of the quilt and then also wrap around the stretcher bar.  I start with a strip that is 3.5 inches wide for this reason, although only a quarter inch shows on the front of the quilt.  I piece the binding with patterned pieces and solid color pieces so that as it wraps around the bar, a pattern is also seen from the side of the mounted piece.

Two more quilts to bind and then mount on the bars.  I plan to have them completed by the 14th and ready to show in town the following Saturday.  I’ll post photos of all three when they are finshed…from the studio

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