Studio Quilt: Step 2


I looked over the blocks I had and decided I could divide them into three groups…mostly black, white, and blue,  fully painted images,  and multicolored waves and lines.  I’ve decided to do three panels, one with each group of blocks.

I finished piecing the panel using the multicolored blocks.  I overdyed the blocks, using the dye painting technique, with a straw color and a golden-yellow to soften the bold colors and make them “talk” to each other.  I dyed some cottons in yellows and purples to use as accents, and have sewn together this entire panel.  You only get a sneak peek of part of it at this time (sorry for the sun glare on the bottom left edge).

When I have quilted all three panels, you will see the them in their entirety.  They will look quite different when they are quilted.

I hope to get the other two panels pieced in the next four days and then I’ll give you a “sneak peek” of each of them…from the studio


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