A bit about me….

My name is Sue and I am a full-time studio artist working in New Mexico.

My blog focus is on my art.  I will post photos of my work and, at times, a short technique tutorial.  I use my own techniques for my paintings and many different surface design techniques for my textile work.  I find each of them fascinating in their own way and would love to share my results with you.

This blog is titled Studio 18 Art because I will focus on what I am creating in my studio, with only occasional nods to special events or gallery shows.  My opinions will be limited.  I will share my experiences with new techniques, good or bad.   Sometimes things in the studio are experimental and don’t work AT ALL!  I’ll share these mishaps with you because not everything is successful  and I want you to have an accurate picture of my artistic endeavors.

Before returning to my studio full-time, I traveled the country selling my art quilts at shows and I had my own gallery…a lot of fun…but now it’s time to concentrate on my work without distractions, or at least not many distractions.

I hope you enjoy what you see and thank you for reading.  If you wish to contact me or purchase my artwork, please use the contact page on this blog or visit my online store.

Copyright Notice

All images and content on this site is the property of  studio 18 art  and may not be copied without permission.  Please ask first.

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  1. Yes – more ‘me’ time as an artist! This is what I’m hoping to do in the near future too – keeping my gallery going, but not being on site all the time. Well done for taking that step! =D

    1. It’s the best decision I could have made. I hope you can find a way to do it…even if it’s just a few days each week. Seeing what you do and your high level of creativity, I know you will love it!

      1. Thank you! Currently my art is made mostly in ‘snatched moments’, but some days it’s quiet enough at the gallery to indulge in longer bouts of creativity! =D

    1. I liked your recent painting and also like the ones using the impressionist style. You seem to have a gift in that area, very easy, not “worked”. Sue

  2. I noticed that you mentioned you were in NM. Do you have a specific location to see your quilts, etc? Santa Fe? Abq?

    We visit NM quite a bit. I love your work and would like to see it close-up 🙂

    1. Right now I am showing in Albuquerque and Silver City, but both exhibits will close at the end of this year. I have a few things coming up for next year…2013…and will post them when the shows open.

  3. My mother and I stumbled across the current exhibit in Santa Fe at the Round House and were BLOWN AWAY by your work. Absolutely amazing.Thank you for sharing your vast talents.

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