New cards

I’ve been working on some new cards…a little experimenting with black canvas, painted background, colorful stenciled design, machine stitched and hand embroidered with French knots.

The canvas pieces are mounted on six by six greeting cards…ready to send to your favorite fiber artist or ready to put in a frame.

What about Mother’s Day??? Available at Jupiter Fine Art in Gypsy Plaza in Madrid, NM.

From the studio…..


  1. Hi Sue. Love your cards! I have been doing small pieces too after a class with Deborah Fell who had a class on Boro stitching. I find them so much fun and a real break from the large pieces I’ve been making for years.

    1. I would love to see what you are doing…can you send some pics to my personal email? The cards have been fun. They are a great item for travelers to pop in their carryon on their way to the airport.

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