Spring is at the Doorstep

Daylight Savings Time harkens to the coming of spring…so does the little buds showing up all over. It’s time for me to return to sharing my art with you.

I am so grateful for the time I gave myself over the past months…time to explore and PRACTICE A LOT! It has all paid off and I am happy with where I landed.

Underground no. 12….sold

I have done a lot of free-motion quilting over the last 30 years (or longer) and have been wanting to get back to thread work. It took me a while to get acceptably proficient at the techniques involved in creating what I am calling THREAD SCULPTURES. By sewing repeatedly over the same stitching lines in a free-motion technique, and as long as every stitch intersects with another the thread skeleton will remain intact. I mount the finished sculpture on pins on a linen background so that beautiful shadows appear when the piece is lit. Each one is framed in a shadow box frame to protect its delicacy.

I chose to depict roots in these sculptures for many reasons…our own personal history, the source of our growth, what connects us to the earth and grounds and supports our everyday life. Roots are so varied in shape and texture, affording me a never ending supply of inspiration.

Framed no. 12…sold

Currently, the Thread Sculptures are available at Jupiter Fine Art in Madrid. This work will be my focus for a very long time and I plan to develop a small collection that will be available online later this spring.

More to come…from the studio

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