This textile construction joins my others at Jupiter Fine Art in Madrid. This is a diptych, approximately 14 x16 inches in size, mounted and hung.

Resolution No. I uses hand painted cotton…painted by me of course, free motion quilted…felt, hair ties, and embroidery.

No II has two fabrics, the felt and an upholstery fabric that I intended to burn in holes all the way through where each circle is, but found when I burned the surface fabric, a cute little eye remained, so I stopped there. The felt sports rubber tubing, cut and sewn on in loops to mimic the repetition in the “eye” fabric.

Where did the title come from? When I looked at the piece as it developed, I saw the scattered “thoughts” on No. I and the regularity and organization of those thoughts on No. II…therefore, Resolution. I think some ideas develop subconsiously, and as one works on a piece, they come to the surface. Is that a resolution also? Hmmm…from the studio


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