An affordable ART option for you

Fine art prints can be an answer for someone who is just starting an art collection, who doesn’t want to spend hundreds on an original painting, who wants to change out their artwork as their decorating taste changes, or who wants to experiment with different framing looks. Framing the same print in different ways imparts an entirely different look to the print…traditional, modern, large mat for a gallery look.

Fine art prints are carefully printed for longevity on acid free specialty papers with pigment inks, usually using a premium large format printer. A collection of prints can create a unique gallery wall with frames purchased locally from a craft store, an art supply store, Dick Blick, Amazon, or, surprisingly, Home Goods or Marshall’s. Use the same frame for a few prints, or start with just one you love and create a variety wall with frames that appeal to you at the moment and prints you acquire over the years.

The following steps can help you see the flexibility of purchasing a print and your own choice of frame…very affordable! My prints are sized to fit in a standard size, locally purchased frame…or you can choose to have it custom framed. What might you like to do? An intimate piece or a larger statement picture…the jewelry for your favorite room.


Then choose your look…

What might you do? My new prints will be available Sunday…watch for a preview tomorrow….from the studio

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