Trying to stay on point….


As I mentioned, my exercises for the next few weeks should, through perseverance and practice, help me tone my palette a bit…more neutral. I am really trying and have been semi-successful. The above painting pulls in a few more colors, but should still feel comfortable in many minimal and quiet environments. Maybe that should be my goal…would this painting be at home in that pale greige and white household?

Since we are on a holiday break, I am only spending three or four hours each day in the studio. I am not only making progress on the smaller pieces, but also have spent time reorganizing and placing my paints, mediums and brushes all within reach of my easel. I purchased a mini-easel to use with the canvas boards and I am thrilled with it! It takes up very little space on my table, is surprisingly sturdy and makes my life easy…always a great plus.

Now, back to the title of this post…I am TRYING to stay on point, but have found myself slipping into my favorite palettes since I painted this piece. I discovered I wanted to explore the Santa Fe landscape, the bushy greens on the rolling hills. This is SO Santa Fe, as opposed to the whole of New Mexico, and I continued using this plot for the next paintings. I have slowly moved past the neutrals, but if I consider my new purpose, they would look lovely in a neutral environment. You will see them soon, as a preview for the new series to be presented in mid-January on my sale site.

While painting my next piece, I discovered I should not place my palette paper in front of the easel on the table, as I paint my sleeve with almost every stroke! Fortunately, I have many shirts that are reserved for the studio and the paint just adds a bit of sparkle to my outfit…from the studio


Uh oh…am I revealing my more colorful palette?

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