Minimal…color and size

Three under painted panels…just starting

I embarked on a new mission this week. I purchased a boatload…not off the boat…of canvas panels, 8×10 inches, and plan to paint them all. This endeavor should improve my ability to depict not only New Mexico landscapes, but those images of the Midwest fields and farms that remain in my mind from my younger life. I would love to return to the Midwest again, but the weather here in NM too luscious to leave.

The boards come gessoed, but I like to add two more coats and sand them to smooth the surface a bit.

Boards ready to be sanded…a good reuse of an Amazon box!

I made some progress on a piece…trying to stay more neutral, but still with enough contrast to show a nice image. I don’t know if this piece is done…could be. As they are done, I will arrange the completed pieces and look for a while. I purchased a variety of frames and will try them on for a good fit for each painting.

I plan to offer these online beginning in mid-January, but will “sneak preview” some as I get them done…comments always welcome…from the studio

Done? Not sure….Collegiate Peaks in CO…but I do think the frame is right

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