A Landscape Pair


This painting is based on a piece I did over a decade ago. When I saw an aerial photo of Abiquiu Lake recently, I remembered that painting and thought I would create a more current version…more color saturation, larger in scale and with more subtle brushstrokes. My previous painting was dotted with spiritual figures…this one not. Over time, my painting style has changed somewhat, as has my color aesthetic. The strength in this piece was dictated by the selection of the client…most reference pieces picked were orange/blue in full, clear force.

acrylic painting of Taos Virga in New Mexico
TAOS VIRGA…24×48…acrylic on canvas

TAOS VIRGA is hanging in the same office space as ABIQUIU LAKE. This painting has more recent roots, based on a combination of many of my virga paintings. While the”lake”uses very saturated colors, this one incorporates a range of more subtle tones. The lake piece has very blended brush strokes, while the clouds in this piece are riotous…short overlapping strokes…such energy.

These paintings are hanging on a dark pine green wall and look fabulous. This is the first time I have seen my paintings on a dark background as they are usually displayed on gallery white, and I really like the look.

Both are available for purchase, either at the RVN HOAMCO office in Santa Fe or directly from my studio, just use the contact page to get in touch with me…from the studio

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