Series and Names…all together now

she didn’t know which door to choose…acrylic painting on canvas…12×12

This painting and the following two are part of a sub-series within the Limited Vocabulary series. (Sounds like diagraming a sentence…remember?). BUT, this is important as I will continue this series over the next year. The paintings in this “12 days x 12 months” series will all be 12×12 inches in size, with each depicting a day in the life…random days…random emotions…random events. Hopefully, when viewed together, a simple, happy existence will be portrayed and enjoyed. I guess it will be similar to my own life. Artists tend to draw from their own experience and this is no different.

These pieces are three in the first set of 12 days and will be available at Lois Duffy’s Gallery in Silver City next weekend for Weekend at the Galleries. I hope you can find a connection to this work…from the studio

she always used a paper map to avoid a conundrum…acrylic on canvas…12×12
she melted her white buttons with the iron…acrylic on canvas…12×12

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