“We” Went for a Ride

ALAMOSA SUNSET…acrylic on canvas…8×24

The “we”…four landscape paintings and yours truly…in the camper to Durango, CO to deliver to Earthen Vessel Gallery and to spend some time in the National Forest. What a fabulous trip! I so enjoyed perusing the gallery, “letting” husband buy me a lovely gift and a few delicious lunches in the great restaurants in town, and finally enjoying the peace and tranquility of our seclusion among the forest pines.

The piece above and below are two of the four new paintings now available at the gallery. I enjoy the long horizontal presentation of landscapes and have done many larger pieces in this format, but recently have added a more transportable size to my repertoire. These two pieces are more intimate, but still have the panoramic presence of the larger pieces…enjoy…from the studio

ARKANSAS RIVER VALLEY…acrylic on canvas…8×24


    1. Wow! Thank you Carolyn. I would love to see what you are doing now…quilting, collage, painting, all three? I found the more I paint, the better the results, and, as a bonus, the more fun I have! Sue

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