Collage, Step One…really just one step!

OUT ON A LIMB…4×12 inches…paint and cut paper on canvas

The very beginning of my journey into collage. I painted this canvas with the idea of adding the birds, but I thought I would paint them…viola!…how about cutting them from a paper I mono printed? Didn’t like the coloring after it was cut, so I painted each bird and branch….much better.

I wanted to give this process one more shot, but with a more “enthusiastic” background painting. The second one piece collage pictured below is the last…at least for now. This exercise just fed my curiosity about real collage work and I studied and collected the supplies and collaged with a vengeance! The end products another time…I need to paint landscapes…from the studio

AWAITING DAWN ON THE MESA…4×12…paint and cut paper

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