2014…Feathers Fly!

While reviewing my posts from 2014, although few, a dominant theme appeared: 3-D constructions, sprinkled with feathers. I remember being quite excited by what could be done with different sewing techniques, fabrics and supportive interfacings. I became well known for my use of fabric feathers…being introduced at a quilt exhibit and hearing a voice immediately reacting with “You’re the feather lady!” I’ve used them in so many ways…even (almost) entirely covering the surface of a quilt. To this day, I am fascinated by them and am anxious to experiment with some new designs.

My feathers will be making a strong comeback this year…more to follow. Please enjoy these two posts…feathers soft and feathers strong.



NIGHTFALL..36 inches tall...quilted vessel
Nightfall…36 x 8….quilted

This vessel is finished and I’m on way way with another one.  NIGHTFALL has been accepted into the SAQA New Mexico show, Beyond Tradition, at the Hubbard Museum in Ruidoso, NM, opening this spring.   I also have some other pieces in the show, but you will hear about those in a different post. I used a few different techniques when creating this piece.  I used a texturizing material to make the black wrap around the back of the vessel.  I quilted it with a bronze metallic thread, which, after I “texturized” the fabric, receded to the bottom of the folds…just enough to add a sparkle, but not aggressively shiny.  The feathers were made with my paint and clip technique.  I stitched them to the top portion of the vessel.  They are placed very close together, almost overlapping, so that the edges will splay and really fill the neck of the vessel.  I’m using feathers on my next 3D piece, although the piece itself is not quite a vessel…more a 3D sculpture.

The weather in New Mexico has been very dry, but delightfully warm and sunny for this time of year. It makes working in the studio easy…bright, light and happy! More things to come…from the studio

—————————————————————————————— REBLOG no. 2:

ANOTHER 3D QUILT….Posted February 14, 2014

Icara - 24

  As I mentioned in my previous post, I am very excited about working in 3D quilts.  I wanted to experiment with different shapes for my work and the concept of adornments or costumes along with historical references kept creeping into my head.  This piece, Icara, is the first in a series I call Vestiges – that which remains from memory or mythology, from custom or costume. I am unsure if I will display this piece on a stand or whether I will let it sit on its own.  The piece I am working on now is less formal and I think it will be displayed on a metal stand…slim and light.  I have much experimenting to do, but I am trying to keep the series concept in mind as I create each new piece.  I love that you can see to the inside of the piece…this one lined with purple satin…so I have to consider all sides before I sew the bodice together. The feathers are painted and clipped, and the bodice was quilted before the parts were assembled.  Lots of hand sewing, but well worth it.  This piece will also be part of the SAQA New Mexico show in Ruidoso this spring. Below is the back view….from the studio

From the back
The back view


    1. Thanks, Kris. I am not surprised that you like them knowing that you own a feather piece! Also glad they inspire, as inspiration can be quite elusive at times. Stay well, Sue

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