My Online Store

DEVOTED…acrylic on paper…framed to 8×8

My online store is now live! At this time, I am offering small works, perfect for giving or adding to your own collection, living on the wall or on a shelf. They are a good choice to start a child’s collection of original artwork. How special that child may feel to have a painting that is only theirs…one that no one else will ever have…offering an opening to discuss what art can bring to their life.

The paintings are abstract, but presented in a way that will feel at home in either a modern or traditional decor. The silver on the leafed pieces can look quite elegant or be the metallic accent to spark up a minimal home.

Over the next few weeks and months, I will be adding larger paintings and textile pieces to the store, but for now, enjoy! You can access the store from my blog by selecting SHOP NOW from the menu bar, or directly at Use coupon code HOLIDAYFREE to get free shipping….from the studio


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