QUARANTINE…acrylic on canvas…36×36

QUARANTINE is painting number 4 in the Covid series. This piece is the first in a pre-planned sequence. Playtime is over and I am following a more structured plan for this series.

I have three 36 inch square canvases that should be developed together using three concepts: quarantine, vaccine and lockdown. The format of each will be similar, using a wide line to divide the canvas in some way. For QUARANTINE, the line on the right is a stopper…you cannot leave, you cannot continue on, you cannot get to the other side. For VACCINE, or maybe “vaccination”, the line will be to the left, and again, a stopper, to keep the virus from entering. For LOCKDOWN, the line will be horizontal and, again, a stopper…from traveling, from crossing state borders or international borders.

This format is based on a piece I did three or so years ago. As you can see…

AGED…acrylic on canvas…36×36

the wide vertical band is here, but not as prominent and divisive as in the new work. This piece is hanging in our bedroom, so I see it each day. It just took a while…duh…for it to show me the way. I also intend to use stronger color in my paintings again. I was getting bland and I think that is why I am not excited about the first two paintings in the series and want to rework them.

I am gaining confidence in this series and in my ability to interpret a word in paint on canvas so it has meaning and is visually pleasing to me. I do not want the visual pleasure to be subordinate to the content. I think I am starting to achieve that balance…doesn’t always go that way….so I will enjoy these moments before they get lost in the shuffle….from the studio

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