In One Direction

Detail of painting in progress

I chose to paint this week because I have a direction for a series…Covid 19. I plan to paint six to ten pieces expressing different facets of this pandemic, more emotional than literal. Some pieces will remain untitled until I see them with the others because, at that point, the strongest will emerge and I will be sure which aspect of this time is best represented in which piece.

A second painting is on my easel, mostly done. Before I began, a clear image was in my mind. After the underpainting was done, I deviated from that image…much to my dismay. I am now back on track and should be finished in a day or two.

Many other artists may be exploring a similar series while at home, but we will each bring our own voice as to how the virus is affecting us and our work.

Again, I hope you are all well, busy and calm…from the studio

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