WHITE LIGHT Hanging Basket

WHITE LIGHT Hanging Basket

This is my third hanging basket, White Light, in the Strings Attached series. It is different from the others, both in shape and materials. The armature that supports it is also different in that it has three metal circles as opposed to two.

The top section is supported both top and bottom, comprised of cheesecloth held with zip ties. The bottom section, also attached with zip ties, is topped with a crocheted cap. I hadn’t crocheted in many years, but found I hadn’t forgotten the simple stitches…okay, it took a bit (i.e. a LOT) of practice, but the results were worth it. Now that I know what I am doing, I will gladly create more. The cap is followed by dyed cheesecloth and a quilted tube of white. I had painted and quilted a large piece, but found it did not appeal to me when it was complete. I loved the quilting, so I thought if I painted it white, right over the quilting, it may be better. As a large piece, no, but when cropped to a smaller size, viola! It became the perfect base and contributed nicely to the white light theme. It has good rigidity, lending a firm, but sleek, profile to the completed basket.

This basket has found a new home in Houston…how lucky!…from the studio

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