A Finished Few

I mounted four completed pieces today in my yet unnamed series. The canvas support is studded with rusted square head nails. Some of these nails remained from a barn floor my husband removed, planed and reinstalled in our 1860 barn in NY that became my studio and gallery in the Berkshires. The nails add to the concept of basic and uncomplicated that is fueling this work. I need to title this series to reflect these thoughts…it will come eventually…from the studio

12×12 unnamed (as yet) series
12×4 unnamed (as yet) series


  1. I love the new series!… I have remainders from the barn my husband and I dismantled, moved and rebuilt as our home also in NY ,but up in Glens Falls. Best regards, Kris Loffler

    1. We were in your neck of the woods, in Canaan. I loved it there, but New Mexico’s non-humid, non-mosquitoed, moderate temperature and sunny weather called. I would love to go back to visit sometime. Sue

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