A Full Year

What to Wear...What to Wear? 2017-2018
What to Wear…What to Wear? 2017-2018

Hello again!  I have spent the past year moving to a new studio and developing work to exhibit in a show this fall.  It has been a fabulous experience and I am thrilled with the results.

Let’s talk about the textile construction series. The piece pictured above was lurking in the back of my mind for quite some time…since August of 2017. I dyed and painted 60 yards of cheesecloth last fall with a vague vision of how I wanted to use it.  I looked at the resulting pile and organized and REorganized AND REORGANIZED it, hoping to ignite a spark that might develop into a firestorm.  Two smaller storms blew through and two pieces were complete, but this piece was still rumbling in the background.  (I will show you the other two pieces sometime…they are also in the exhibit.)

Alas, when I found the metal that I assembled to look like an adornment, a necklace, a whatever, I was well on my way.  In my head, I felt the piece was rather Egyptian, with flowing robes and brilliant neck pieces, but I wasn’t sure of titling it to reflect that feeling.  Pharaoh’s wardrobe, Pharaoh’s necklace, blah, blah…nothing seemed to fit, until I thought of a Pharaoh’s queen, staring at her gowns laid out by her servants and thinking “I never know what to wear to the chariot races…what to wear…what to wear?”,  a perennial female conundrum. Viola….completion. I don’t feel a piece is done until it is titled to reflect its conception. I have quite strong feeling about this in all the work I have done for this show…much more so than I have in the past.

Eight pieces of mine will be exhibited at the Capitol Rotunda Gallery in Santa Fe along with the work of seven other invited artists.  This piece is the largest cheesecloth construction, but the other two showing are not that much smaller…I love working on a larger scale!  The show opens September 7 and runs through December 14.

I also developed a series of mixed media vessels for the show…my new passion…in another post…from the studio

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