I just finished a quilted felt construction titled SQUEEZE BOX…aka, an accordion.  When I started the piece, I didn’t know it would take that direction.

I assembled the piece rotated 180 degrees (upside down) from the way you see it in the image.  As I was trimming the felt along the edge of the canvas, I rotated the work so I could get to all sides.  I took one look at the piece in this orientation and it was so obvious to me…the keys, the buttons and the two side panels of the accordion, usually adorned with mother of pearl inlays.

As you can see in the photo below, SQUEEZE BOX  is the same size, 16×40 inches, as the painting I highlighted in my previous post.  Both pieces were created for my Limited Vocabulary series, on exhibit in my Madrid studio for an open house in April.  I finished some other paintings in the series and plan on more.  I am working on a large art quilt and some smaller art quilts, both for the wall and for framing, to complete the series…more soon…from the studio 



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