Untitled, as of now…

 My newest felt construction mounted on a 12×24 gallery canvas.  I left the irregular edges to extend beyond the face of the canvas.  I cut each section, painted some of them, and layered the felt pieces three to four deep.

To adhere the layers together before I quilted them, I used a technique new to me…a needle felting tool.  The system is comprised of four barbed needles that are in a protective case that can be pushed through the layers of felt into a pad or brush.  As the needles are pulled up, the barbs disrupt the fibers and begin to intertwine them so that the felt pieces are now attached to each other.  By continuing this process, the bond gets stronger and I am able to quilt the piece using very close lines of stitching.

The use of this tool is now an essential step in managing the felt before taking it to the sewing machine.  Whew!  With each construction, I learn something new.

Since I moved my studio to Madrid and have a small retail space, my customers have asked to purchase some work online.  From time to time, I will offer a piece for sale on this blog.  This felted and quilted construction is wired and ready to hang, $195.00 plus shipping, SOLD …from the studio

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