The Music Goes Round and Round 48X40 inches

I have finished my fused quilt!  I am pleased with how easily it quilted and how flat it finished.  The pieces do not look separate and layered…much to my surprise.   When I finished the quilting, I thought it needed something to reinforce its theme…the music goes round and round and it comes out there.  I decided to paint a few quilted circles to lead the viewer around the large circular shape.  It turned out that I painted MANY of the quilted circles to keep the “music” travelling.

Quilting first and filling in with paint after…I might actually PLAN to do this next time…what fun!    from the studio


    1. Laura, thank you for such an enthusiastic response to this quilt. It was a very different exercise for me. It is always nice to try something outside of my own norm. Sue

  1. Hi Susan, love this piece. I really like movement and line and circle motif.  You’ve got push, pull and movement around the surface.  Great job.

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