One of Two

STORM quilt...38X38
STORM CHASERS…art quilt…38X38


This quilt, STORM CHASERS, is one of two of my quilts accepted into the 31st Annual New Legacies: Contemporary Art Quilts exhibit at the Lincoln Center Art Gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I was thrilled to receive the notice of acceptance and am honored to be part of the exhibit.    (I will post the other quilt at a later date.)

I previewed this quilt in an earlier post, only as a detail image.  Still diligently pursuing my interest in adding texture to my quilts, this piece exemplifies using the texture to juxtapose a larger expanse of whole cloth painted cotton.

I created this quilt earlier this year, before the storms started to devastate the Midwest on a regular basis.  I wanted to represent the darkening sky as seen through a windshield covered with raindrops and possibly debris.  Who knew this would be the spring of tragedies caused by tornadoes and imposed on those who chase them?

I’ve been working in the studio everyday on pieces to submit for jurying … deadlines this fall.  Doing large quilts takes a great deal of time, so I don’t always have new photos to post.  I also want to do some smaller pieces for the upcoming Studio Tour in September.  So much to do, maybe I need a Franklin Planner…oh myoh no…although I did print out a large calendar to keep track of shipping dates, deadlines for entries and my own schedule to complete the pieces so I have something to submit.  No complaints…I am so fortunate…it’s wonderful and I couldn’t ask for morefrom the studio



  1. Hi Sue,
    I love to get your blogs and see what you’re up to but to be honest with you I find “Storm Chasers” too realistic, too dark and too geometric. You have a great abstract sensibility, why not stay with that?

    1. When you see the second quilt, you may find it more suits your taste. I do like to hear your opinions. As for the email issue, I will get back to you personally. Sue

  2. Congratulations! I can’t believe how many quilts you are able to produce. You must be working non-stop. They are all beautiful.

    On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 6:43 PM, studio 18 art

    1. I am working non-stop and loving every minute of it…lots of ideas. It’s good to be at a place where I can do this and not be concerned about much else. Thanks, Faye.

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