Construction No. 6

CONSTRUCTION NO. 6...mounted on stretcher bars...SOLD
CONSTRUCTION NO. 6…mounted on stretcher bars…SOLD

I have spent the last few weeks finishing some quilts and submitting to exhibitions.  I don’t want to post photos of the completed quilts until I know their fate, which may not be for a month or so.  I’ve also started on a few that I want to submit for jurying, so, since I am not ready to post those either, I thought I would show you some of work that I completed this past year.

In Construction no. 6,  I combined fabric that I marbled with a modified photograph I took of the sky and mountains in our yard.  I converted the photo to a black and white image, added a touch of blue in the sky, and printed it with pigment inks on cotton fabric.  The marbled gray circles reminded me of underground rock formations, so I continued that theme as I quilted the piece.  By quilting the background in a simple grid pattern, the quilted rocks that tumble from corner to corner became more prominent,  giving movement to a linear design that might otherwise be too still…from the studio


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