Dye Painted Blocks

Painting with Dye at the Studio Tour
      The studio tour was fun.  The visitors to my studio had the chance to dye paint a block of prepared fabric that I will assemble into a quilt and display in town.  Many took advantage and I now have 33 blocks to make the quilt.
I forewarned “the artists”  that I may need to cut the blocks to make a good design for the quilt.  As it turns out, I will have to cut them for size also.  I would like the quilt to be about 45 inches wide by about 5 or 6 feet long.  I work much better in a vertical format.
Each artist signed their piece.  I will either cut out the signature from each piece and sew them together in a string like fashion and run them through the quilt, or I may “cut and paste”  them into each individual square.  I really don’t know yet.
I need to wash out the dyed blocks to remove the excess dye, and then I will be able to place them all together on the design wall and see what I have.
Painted Blocks on the Drying Rack
This picture shows some of the painted blocks drying on the rack.
I will dye some cotton fabric in colors that will compliment the blocks, and maybe even over dye a few to soften the white space in the blocks where there is more white than color.
I have such a variety of designs, it may be hard to find a theme for the quilt, but I may be surprised when the pieces are washed and all together on the design wall.  They may let me know what direction to take.
I’m anxious to see where this will go…can’t wait to get started…I’ll keep you updated…from the studio


    1. I used Procion MX dyes that I thickened with sodium alginate. I soaked the fabric in a soda ash solution and let it dry before I cut it into pieces. Since there was no soda ash in the dye mix, I used the same batches of dye all weekend. I washed them out yesterday and will press them today. Then comes a lot of thinking!

      1. I’ve never used Procion dyes but the colours and effects look so vibrant it might be worth a try sometime! I tend to use either natural dyes, or non-toxic powder or liquid dyes, but I do like the vibrancy of your method … =D

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