Let’s Make a Quilt!

PEAS, BEANS & PISTACHIOS…16X15…construction


My demonstration for the studio tour is working with dye on cotton.  I will prepare the cotton fabric to accept the dye and then cut it into 14 inch square blocks.  I will also prepare the thickened Procion MX dye ahead of time and demonstrate how to use different tools to dye paint the fabric.

Now comes the “Let’s Make a Quilt” part.  Each visitor to my studio is welcome to dye paint a block of their own.  They can use any design and a choice of the mixed colors and must sign their block.

After the tour is over, I will wash out the blocks and sew them together into a quilt.  The finished quilt will be on display in town…and posted on this blog, of course… so everyone can see how much fun can be had at a studio tour.  I can’t wait to see how each individual designs their personal block…from the studio

By the way,  the piece above is done as a constuction, mounted on stretcher bars, with hand dyed and discharged cottons…the quilting is explained in the title!

About studio18artist

A contemporary artist using canvas and cloth, paint and thread.


  1. This is a beautiful piece. I love the quilting. Nice Job!

  2. I really like this – the colours, the design and the quilting! =D

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