Preparing for the Studio Tour


I’ve spent the last few days preparing for the studio tour next weekend.  This painting, METEOR SHOWER, is one of my favorites.  I am continuing to use the layered technique that I have been experimenting with along with some scratching into a few layers.

I had set this piece aside thinking I would do some more, or possibly refine it, but the more I looked at it as it leaned against the wall, I felt it was done.

One of my favorites…maybe to the gallery, maybe in the studio, maybe in the living room… can’t decide…from the studio


  1. I like this piece as well, the color blocking is great as well as the texture aspect. Bravo.

  2. This one stood out to me as one of my favorites. I love the blue and the various scratched in textures. I am glad I found your blog, Sue. Great that you are full time. That’s my goal.

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