Lines Great and Small Series II

This quilt is number two in a series I call LINES GREAT AND SMALL.  The series developed from my experiments with flour paste resist on cotton fabric.

To make the resist, flour is mixed with water and applied to the fabric either generously with a spatula or sparsely with a brush.  I applied the paste to fabrics that I had previously dyed.  The paste takes a good 24 hours to dry, especially if you have applied it to have thick and thin layers.  Once dry, I rolled the fabric upon itself and the resist cracks.  Rougher rolling causes larger cracks and small manipulations form smaller cracks in the dry paste.  I then applied thickened Procion MX dye across the resist.  It seeps through the cracks and forms the small lines that you see in the central fabric piece in this construction As an aside…if I mount a quilted piece on stretcher bars, as this one is, I call it a construction.  I pieced larger strips of fabric “lines” to surround the center piece.  Therefore, the series got its name…LINES GREAT AND SMALL…from the studio


    1. Thank you. The quilting is done like a topological map leading the eye through the “lines”. I firmly believe the quilting design is as important as the piecing in any quilted project.

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