Smaller Feather Quilt

Feathers #1...12X12...still untitled
Feathers #1…12X12…still untitled

I’m still exploring how to use dimensional elements on my quilts.  I’m making 12 X 12 inch quilts for two reasons…one, because I can try many different applications in a shorter amount of time, and, two, because my donation for the SAQA online quilt auction (all pieces in the auction are 12X12 inches) is due soon.  I will select one of the pieces to donate….I like to have four or five to pick from.

This is the first smaller piece I made using feathers.  I wanted it to be more abstract in feeling, even though the feathers are more realistic.  I pieced the background from my hand painted fabric, hand dyed cotton and a commercial black cotton.  I free motion quilted it in a rust-red color to coordinate with the colors in the painted cotton and to compliment the bits of green in the feathers.  I bound the quilt in an orange hand dye for its soft variety of colors and to give the quilt a small frame…and a little zip!

After I completed these steps, I arranged the feathers and sewed them to the background, one at a time.  The photo does not show how the feather edges stand against each other in some places, giving great texture to this piece.

I finished another one today, and will have another one done this week.  I’ll post them shortly…from the studio


  1. You’ve been busy with your feather theme, it’s a beautiful piece, I like the bunch of feathers, the colours of them!

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